Hollyglen homes for sale in Hawthorne

See the Homes that Sold in Hollyglen and Del Aire Last Month

Welcome to the real estate recap for August 2023 for the neighborhoods of Hollyglen, Del Aire and parts of Wiseburn

It was a great month for real estateHollyglen homes for sale in Hawthorne in these highly sought after areas both in terms of the number of homes that sold as well the prices that they sold for. Since the first time in a long time all of the homes that sold were single family and there were no condo or townhomes sold in August.

The average “list” price was an impressive $1,107,286 and the average sales price was $1,187,857 meaning that homes sold above the list price. Those are HUGE numbers

$795 was the average price per square foot and homes averaged an incredible 9 days on market before going into escrow.  If you are looking for a home in the area see the current homes for sale in Hollyglen and Del Aire neighborhoods of Hawthorne.

August Hollyglen and Del Aire Hawthorne Home Sales & Prices

Home Type Address Price $ Per Foot Bed/Bath Sq Feet Age
SFR/D 5021 W 125th $760,000 $900.47 2/1,0,0,0 844/A 1944/ASR
SFR/D 4870 W 133rd ST $800,000 $734.62 2/1,0,0,0 1089/A 1951/ASR
SFR 5434 W 123rd ST $1,075,000 $779.55 3/2,0,0,0 1379/ 1950
SFR/D 4930 W 141st ST $1,080,000 $763.79 3/2,1,0,0 1414/A 1963/ASR
SFR/D 5107 W 138th ST $1,100,000 $906.84 3/2,0,0,0 1213/A 1965/ASR
SFR/D 4866 W 137th ST $1,300,000 $738.64 3/2,0,0,0 1760/A 1949/ASR
SFR/D 5549 W 133rd ST $2,200,000 $746.02 4/2,0,1,0 2949/A 2006/ASR
The Terrace homes of Three Sixty South Bay

View the Home Sales in Hollyglen and Del Aire in April

See the 7 Homes that Sold in Hollyglen and Del Aire Last Month

Things started to pick up a bit in the real estate market of Hollyglen and Del Aire of which Three Sixty is a part of.  There were 7 homes that sold during the month at an average price of $1,045,229.  Homes averaged a brief 36 days before going into escrow.  If you are looking for a home in the area see the current homes for sale in Hollyglen and Del Aire neighborhoods of Hawthorne.

The top sale of the month was actually a 4 bedroom freestanding home in the Terraces at Three Sixty.

The Terrace homes of Three Sixty South Bay

April 2023 Home Sales and Home Prices in Hollyglen and Del Aire

Home Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear
SFR/D5357 W122nd ST$685,000$6243/1,0,0,01097/A1950/ASR
SFR/D5525 W124th ST$870,000$6963/1,0,1,01250/A1950/ASR
SFR/D5124 W135th ST$879,000$1,2492/1,0,0,0704/A1948/ASR
SFR/D13423Glasgow PL$1,005,000$6683/1,1,0,01504/A1955/ASR
SFR/D13211Delafield ST$1,203,000$1,0743/2,0,0,01120/P1955/PUB
SFR/D5522 W134th ST$1,360,000$7883/1,1,0,01725/A1955/ASR
TWNHS/D5237Pacific Terrace$1,560,000$7564/2,0,1,02064/P2014/PUB
Hollyglen homes for sale

8 Homes Sell in Hollyglen – Del Aire Last Month

The Hollyglen Real Estate Market is Picking UpHollyglen homes for sale

Hawthorne real estate and specifically the real estate market in Hollyglen and Del Aire picked up the pace a bit with 8 homes closing escrow in March 2023 which was considerably higher than a month earlier.

See how that compares with other months on our Hawthorne real estate market trends and statistics page.

March 2023 Home Sales and Home Prices in Hawthorne

Home Type Address Price $ Per Foot Bed/Bath Sq Feet Year Built
SFR 5007 W 134th ST $790,000 $691 3/2,0,0,0 1144/A 1962/ASR
SFR/D 5040 W 123rd ST $819,000 $822 2/1,0,0,0 996/A 1944/ASR
SFR/D 5259 W 127th PL $840,000 $477 4/2,0,0,0 1762/A 1950/APP
SFR/D 5177 W 139th ST $925,000 $539 3/2,0,0,0 1715/A 1964/ASR
CONDO/A 12823 Manhattan CT #104 $960,000 $658 2/2,0,1,0 1460/A 2014/ASR
SFR/D 5347 W 122nd ST $1,130,000 $1,003 3/1,0,0,0 1127/A 1950/ASR
SFR/D 5504 W 139th ST $1,200,000 $1,093 3/1,0,1,0 1098/A 1954/PUB
SFR/D 13417 Ocean Gate AVE $10,040,000 $6,631 3/2,0,0,0 1514/A 1941/ASR

2022 Hollyglen Real Estate – Year in Review

Hollyglen and Del Aire Home Sales

See the 117 homes, condos and townhomes that sold in 2022

Welcome to the year that was for real estate in Hollyglen and Del Aire.  It was an incredible year for home sales and home prices with 117 closed sales.

The average listing price during the year was $1,047,656 with the average sold price at $1,077,355 meaning that homes generally sold above the list price. That did reverse a bit towards the end of the year but homes still sold fairly close to full price.

The average dollar per square foot of the homes that sold was $801 and homes only averaged a very brief 20 days on the market before going into escrow.

Hollyglen homes for sale

Hollyglen and Del Aire Home Sales in 2022

Type AddressSold Price$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetAgeClose Date
TWNHS/A5451Ocean #101$1,225,000$600.493/3,0,0,02040/A2013/PUB12/30/2022
SFR5441 W138th PL$1,029,000$915.483/1,1,0,01124/195412/23/2022
CONDO/A13124Central AVE #302$955,000$574.612/2,0,0,01662/B2013/ASR12/21/2022
SFR/D13322Judah AVE$930,000$523.353/2,0,0,01777/A1955/ASR12/16/2022
SFR/D4836 W134th PL$790,000$574.963/1,1,0,01374/A1965/ASR12/2/2022
CONDO/A13022Central AVE #303$975,000$682.302/2,0,0,01429/A2013/PUB12/2/2022
SFR/D4922W 137th St$1,065,000$799.553/0,2,0,01332/A1968/ASR12/2/2022
SFR/D4918 W141st ST$895,000$727.643/2,0,0,01230/A1955/ASR11/30/2022
SFR/D13831Judah AVE$1,225,000$792.373/2,0,0,01546/A1954/ASR11/23/2022
SFR/D4966 W124th ST$835,000$835.843/1,0,0,0999/A1944/ASR11/22/2022
CONDO/A12917Central AVE #404$1,025,000$662.142/2,0,0,01548/A2011/PUB11/15/2022
SFR/D5015 W140th ST$899,000$1,014.672/1,0,0,0886/A1940/ASR11/14/2022
SFR/D5310 W138th ST$1,154,000$865.723/2,0,0,01333/A1955/ASR10/28/2022
SFR5521 W140th ST$1,399,000$907.263/2,0,0,01542/A1954/ASR10/27/2022
SFR/D5256 W123rd PL$910,000$1,030.582/1,0,0,0883/A1950/ASR10/26/2022
SFR/D5447 W123rd PL$760,000$710.282/1,0,0,01070/A1950/ASR10/25/2022
SFR/D5404 W142nd ST$1,520,000$987.653/2,0,0,01539/A1954/ASR10/21/2022
SFR/D5024 W121st ST$750,000$570.782/1,1,0,01314/A1944/PUB10/14/2022
SFR/D5432 W142nd ST$1,099,000$969.143/2,0,0,01134/A1954/ASR10/14/2022
SFR/D13238Hindry AVE$1,125,000$798.443/2,0,0,01409/A1955/ASR10/14/2022
SFR/D13727Judah AVE$1,040,000$694.723/1,0,1,01497/A1954/ASR10/6/2022
SFR/D5124 W135th ST$740,000$1,051.142/1,0,0,0704/A1948/PUB10/5/2022
SFR/D13715Judah AVE$1,335,000$716.973/2,0,0,01862/A1954/ASR9/30/2022
SFR/D5336 W127th ST$1,185,000$954.883/1,0,0,01241/A1950/ASR9/20/2022
SFR/D13735Grider AVE$1,250,000$932.843/1,1,0,01340/A1954/ASR9/20/2022
TWNHS/A5554Coral DR #103$1,225,000$752.003/2,0,1,01629/B2014/PUB9/16/2022
TWNHS/A5405West 149th Place #9$850,000$825.242/2,0,0,01030/A2007/ASR9/15/2022
SFR/D5406 W134th ST$1,200,000$870.204/1,1,0,01379/A1955/ASR9/15/2022
TWNHS/A5576Palm DR$1,350,000$659.504/2,0,1,02047/A2013/PUB9/14/2022
TWNHS/D5240Pacific Terrace$1,650,000$657.894/1,1,1,02508/B2014/BLD9/14/2022
CONDO/A13028Central Avenue #201$945,000$661.302/2,0,0,01429/A2013/ASR9/8/2022
TWNHS/A5423Ocean #105$1,280,000$659.793/2,0,1,01940/A2010/ASR9/7/2022
SFR/D13441Glasgow PL$990,000$536.295/3,0,0,01846/A1955/ASR9/2/2022
CONDO/A13024Union AVE #401$920,000$695.391/1,0,1,01323/B2010/PUB8/26/2022
TWNHS/A5429Strand #101$1,375,000$647.673/3,0,0,02123/B2007/PUB8/26/2022
SFR/D4849 W136th ST$972,000$759.383/2,0,0,01280/A1947/ASR8/24/2022
SFR/D5248 W135th ST$1,120,000$525.333/2,0,0,02132/A1986/ASR8/24/2022
SFR/D5030 W140th ST$825,000$648.583/2,0,0,01272/A1959/ASR8/23/2022
SFR/D4903 W141st ST$764,000$820.622/1,0,0,0931/A1950/ASR8/19/2022
SFR/D5439 W142nd PL$1,075,000$979.053/2,0,0,01098/A1954/ASR8/17/2022
SFR/D13734Shoup AVE$775,000$700.093/2,0,0,01107/A1947/ASR8/16/2022
SFR/D13326Judah Ave$1,507,000$1,032.194/1,1,0,01460/P1955/PUB8/16/2022
TWNHS5400 W149th PL #18$836,000$686.372/2,0,1,01218/D2007/ASR8/10/2022
SFR/A5006 W120th ST$789,000$821.023/2,0,0,0961/A1941/PUB8/9/2022
SFR5228 W124TH ST$1,110,000$1,017.423/2,0,0,01091/19508/8/2022
SFR/D5007 W118th ST$745,000$721.203/1,0,0,01033/A1941/ASR8/5/2022
SFR/D5143 W137th ST$999,000$720.784/2,1,0,01386/A1947/ASR8/5/2022
SFR/D5247 W125th ST$803,000$920.872/1,0,0,0872/A1950/ASR8/1/2022
SFR/D4844 W132nd ST$835,000$729.903/1,1,0,01144/A1964/ASR7/29/2022
TWNHS/A5427Marine AVE$1,210,000$582.854/3,0,1,02076/A1994/ASR7/28/2022
SFR/D5444 W124th ST$875,000$1,009.232/1,0,0,0867/A1950/ASR7/27/2022
TWNHS/A5514 W149th PL #2$899,000$725.002/2,0,0,01240/A2006/ASR7/27/2022
SFR/D5427 W135th ST$1,241,910$897.333/2,0,0,01384/A1955/ASR7/19/2022
CONDO/A5540Strand #201$710,000$741.901/1,0,0,0957/B2010/ASR7/13/2022
SFR/D5251W 141st St$1,375,000$920.353/1,1,0,01494/P1959/PUB7/13/2022
SFR/D5515Palm DR$1,430,000$768.403/2,0,1,01861/A2014/ASR7/6/2022
SFR/D4831 W131st ST$835,000$728.623/2,0,0,01146/A1950/PUB7/5/2022
SFR/D5509 W142nd ST$1,250,000$1,116.073/2,0,0,01120/A1954/ASR7/5/2022
CONDO/A13024Union AVE #302$1,019,000$616.082/2,0,0,01654/A2010/ASR6/30/2022
SFR/D5252 W125th ST$875,000$1,029.412/1,0,0,0850/A1950/APP6/28/2022
CONDO/A13025Park PL #202$977,000$723.702/2,0,0,01350/A2013/PUB6/28/2022
SFR/A5320 W137th PL$1,350,000$1,205.363/1,1,0,01120/A1955/ASR6/27/2022
CONDO/A12920Central AVE #402$980,000$623.412/2,0,0,01572/A2013/PUB6/24/2022
TWNHS/A13220Central AVE #102$1,150,000$595.853/3,0,1,01930/E2012/EST6/17/2022
SFR/D5005 W131st ST$1,250,000$915.753/2,0,0,01365/A1954/APP6/17/2022
SFR/D5542 W122nd ST$1,375,000$1,040.094/2,0,0,01322/A1950/ASR6/10/2022
TWNHS/A5410 W149th PL #4$899,000$656.202/2,0,1,01370/P2007/PUB6/6/2022
SFR/D4828 W134th Street$900,000$783.973/2,0,0,01148/P1954/PUB6/3/2022
SFR/D5121 W132nd ST$1,250,000$870.473/2,0,0,01436/P1938/PUB6/3/2022
CONDO/A13126Union AVE #203$775,000$870.791/1,0,0,0890/A2011/PUB6/1/2022
CONDO/A13126Union AVE #202$955,000$712.692/2,0,0,01340/A2011/APP5/27/2022
CONDO/A12915Park Place #301$1,100,000$769.772/2,0,0,01429/B2013/PUB5/23/2022
SFR/D12103Hindry AVE$1,350,000$748.753/1,1,0,01803/A1949/ASR5/12/2022
SFR/D4869 W138th ST$1,300,000$879.573/2,0,1,01478/A2016/ASR5/10/2022
SFR13317HANSWORTH AVE$1,602,000$917.003/2,0,0,01747/AP19555/10/2022
TWNHS/A5406 W149th PL #14$985,000$718.982/2,0,1,01370/A2007/ASR5/9/2022
SFR/D5314 W123rd ST$1,010,000$1,143.832/1,0,0,0883/A1950/PUB5/6/2022
SFR/D13422Isis AVE$1,175,000$1,070.133/1,0,1,01098/A1955/ASR5/3/2022
TWNHS/A5554Coral DR #106$1,200,000$736.653/3,0,0,01629/B2013/ASR5/3/2022
SFR/D4916 W133rd ST$775,000$757.583/1,0,0,01023/A1946/ASR5/2/2022
SFR5019 W138TH ST$715,000$1,027.302/1,0,0,0696/19484/28/2022
SFR5240 W137TH PL$1,300,000$1,160.713/2,0,0,01120/A1955/ASR4/25/2022
SFR/D5314 W137th ST$1,350,000$790.404/2,0,1,01708/A1955/ASR4/20/2022
SFR/D5168 W131st ST$825,000$896.742/1,0,0,0920/A1947/ASR4/19/2022
SFR/D5133 W137th ST$1,098,000$804.993/2,0,0,01364/A1947/ASR4/19/2022
SFR/D12120 SLa Cienega BLVD$1,156,000$436.724/4,0,0,02647/A2005/ASR4/19/2022
CONDO/A5404 W149th PL #11$844,000$844.002/2,0,0,01000/A2007/ASR4/15/2022
CONDO/A13019Park PL #201$1,065,000$745.282/2,0,0,01429/B2007/PUB4/15/2022
TWNHS/A5550Boardwalk #104$1,080,000$782.612/2,0,0,01380/A2007/PUB4/15/2022
SFR/D13427Judah AVE$1,520,000$883.213/2,0,0,01721/A1955/ASR4/12/2022
SFR/D5008 W116th ST$900,000$649.353/2,0,0,01386/A1942/ASR4/8/2022
SFR/D13228Isis AVE$1,650,000$1,071.433/2,0,1,01540/A1955/ASR4/6/2022
SFR/D5505 W138th PL$1,865,000$1,194.754/1,2,0,11561/B1954/ASR4/6/2022
SFR/D4871W 132nd St$765,000$744.893/2,0,0,01027/P1947/PUB3/31/2022
SFR/D12502Felton AVE$835,000$565.723/1,0,0,01476/O1944/ASR3/31/2022
CONDO/A13024Union AVE #201$1,040,000$727.782/2,0,0,01429/B2010/PUB3/29/2022
SFR5126 W141ST ST$1,235,000$633.333/2,0,0,01950/19513/29/2022
SFR5519 W123RD PL$1,386,000$1,224.383/2,0,0,01132/19503/24/2022
SFR/D4915 W139th ST$885,000$597.973/2,0,0,01480/A1951/ASR3/21/2022
SFR/D5512 W119th PL$875,000$868.063/1,0,0,01008/A1940/ASR3/17/2022
SFR/D5346 W121st ST$1,325,000$783.103/2,0,0,01692/A1949/ASR3/15/2022
TWNHS/A5402 W149th PL #17$889,610$668.382/2,0,0,01331/S2007/ASR3/14/2022
SFR/D5509 W122nd ST$1,200,000$881.063/2,0,0,01362/A1950/APP3/9/2022
SFR/D4919 W139th ST$1,200,000$746.734/2,0,0,01607/A1951/ASR3/1/2022
CONDO/A13029Central AVE #303$970,000$718.522/2,0,0,01350/A2013/ASR2/28/2022
SFR/D4901 W138th ST$860,000$755.713/1,0,0,01138/A1951/ASR2/25/2022
SFR4853 W136th ST$1,020,000$991.253/2,0,0,01029/A1947/ASR2/25/2022
SFR/D5040 W123rd ST W$750,000$753.013/1,0,0,0996/A1944/APP2/24/2022
CONDO/A5550Boardwalk #105$775,000$674.501/1,0,1,01149/A2013/ASR2/16/2022
SFR/D12202 SLa Cienega BLVD$1,033,500$435.713/3,0,1,02372/A2005/PUB2/9/2022
SFR/D5319 W139th ST$1,460,000$944.373/2,0,0,01546/A1955/ASR2/4/2022
SFR/D5103 W131st ST$1,040,000$772.663/2,0,0,01346/A1950/ASR1/31/2022
SFR/D5130 W133rd ST$803,000$784.953/1,0,0,01023/A1947/PUB1/27/2022
SFR/D5449W. 134th Pl.$1,407,500$1,252.223/1,1,0,01124/A1955/ASR1/24/2022
SFR/D5245Pacific Terrace$1,455,000$781.843/3,0,0,01861/B2013/ASR1/19/2022
CONDO/A13032Union AVE #303$1,015,000$709.792/2,0,0,01430/E2011/EST1/3/2022

10 Home Sales in Hollyglen and Del Aire Hawthorne in October

Welcome to the October real estate recap for the homes that sold in the Hollyglen & Del Aire neighborhoods of Hawthorne last month.

There were 10 property sales during the month.  Homes averaged a listing price of $1,053,500 with an average sales price of $1,049,700 meaning that most homes sold a bit below full price. The average price per square foot was $858 and homes averaged only 11 days on market before going into escrow.  Click here to see all of the homes that sold in Hawthorne California.

October 2022 Hollyglen Hawthorne Home Sales & Prices

Home type Address Price $ Per Sq Ft Bed/Bath Sq Feet Year Built
SFR/D 5124 W 135th ST $740,000 $1,051.14 2/1,0,0,0 704/A 1948/PUB
SFR/D 5024 W 121st ST $750,000 $570.78 2/1,1,0,0 1314/A 1944/PUB
SFR/D 5447 W 123rd PL $760,000 $710.28 2/1,0,0,0 1070/A 1950/ASR
SFR/D 5256 W 123rd PL $910,000 $1,030.58 2/1,0,0,0 883/A 1950/ASR
SFR/D 13727 Judah AVE $1,040,000 $694.72 3/1,0,1,0 1497/A 1954/ASR
SFR/D 5432 W 142nd ST $1,099,000 $969.14 3/2,0,0,0 1134/A 1954/ASR
SFR/D 13238 Hindry AVE $1,125,000 $798.44 3/2,0,0,0 1409/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 5310 W 138th ST $1,154,000 $865.72 3/2,0,0,0 1333/A 1955/ASR
SFR 5521 W 140th ST $1,399,000 $907.26 3/2,0,0,0 1542/A 1954/ASR
SFR/D 5404 W 142nd ST $1,520,000 $987.65 3/2,0,0,0 1539/A 1954/ASR

See the July Home Sales in Hollyglen and Del Aire

See the homes that sold in Hollyglen & Del Aire in July

July home sales impressed once again in Hollyglen and Del Aire in the South Bay city of Hawthorne CA.  Take a look at the homes that sold in the Hollyglen and Del Aire neighborhoods of Hawthorne CA during  July 2022. These are the neighborhoods generally served with the Wiseburn School District. There were 10 closed sales during the month compared with 12 in June.

The average “asking” price was $1,066,290 with a median “sold” price of $1,066,091 meaning that most homes sold WAY above the asking price. The median price per foot was $821. There were almost identical numbers to June

See how those numbers compare with other months on our Hollyglen and Del Aire real estate trends and statistics page.

Hollyglen homes for sale

2  of the sales were in the gated community of Three Sixty South Bay while 1 of them was in Fusion

Search the current homes for sale in Hollyglen and Del Aire.

July 2022 Home Sales in Hollyglen and Del Aire

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear
CONDO/A5540Strand #201$710,000$7421/1,0,0,0957/B2010/ASR
SFR/D4831 W131st ST$835,000$7293/2,0,0,01146/A1950/PUB
SFR/D4844 W132nd ST$835,000$7303/1,1,0,01144/A1964/ASR
SFR/D5444 W124th ST$875,000$1,0092/1,0,0,0867/A1950/ASR
TWNHS/A5514 W149th PL #2$899,000$7252/2,0,0,01240/A2006/ASR
TWNHS/A5427Marine AVE$1,210,000$5834/3,0,1,02076/A1994/ASR
SFR/D5427 W135th ST$1,241,910$8973/2,0,0,01384/A1955/ASR
SFR/D5509 W142nd ST$1,250,000$1,1163/2,0,0,01120/A1954/ASR
SFR/D5251W 141st St$1,375,000$9203/1,1,0,01494/P1959/PUB
SFR/D5515Palm DR$1,430,000$7683/2,0,1,01861/A2014/ASR



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